The Lodge at Tahsis Harbout

Top 13 reasons you know that Tahsis is a really really really small town
by Alice, Jim & Catherine

  1. You don't go into a local store to shop, unless you have an extra 1/2 hour to chat as well

  2. No-one uses the turn signal on their car, because everyone knows where you are going anyway

  3. The whole town takes up less than 2 pages in the phone book

  4. All clandescent affairs must be conducted on foot, because everyone knows your car

  5. When someone says "See you in a minute", they mean it

  6. If you start a rumour at 12:00, someone will call you and repeat it by 1:00

  7. When all of the teenagers in town cruise the strip, it takes 20 seconds and one pickup truck

  8. The Tahsis Supermarket is still stocked with 'new' Coke

  9. "Smoky and the Bandit" is still considered a 'new' movie at Head Bay Station video rentals

  10. If you think everyone is talking about you, they are. If you don't think anyone is talking about you... well, actually, they are

  11. The New Year's Baby doesn't show up till April.

  12. If you go for a walk for the exercise, at least 5 people will stop and ask if you need a ride

  13. If you make out a letter addressed only to the first name of a local Tahsis resident, and mail it in Gold River or Campbell River... we get it in our mailbox the next day.