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Wednesday, November 3, 2004

Halloween a Hoot in Tahsis

This fiendish crew gave a good scare to Tahsis villagers on Halloween

The big hit this Halloween was the Haunted House at the Recreation Centre. A community effort, the haunted house used the castle theme from last years Grad Dance to create a Haunted Castle inside the Rec Centre gym.

Gravestones line the front of the Haunted Castle in the Tahsis Rec Centre

Danny from the Cook Shack was the host, who escorted victims to the entrance to the Castle entrance. Inside the castle (we won't give away all the secrets) were an assortment of grisly scenes, demented fiends and a crooked labyrinth of passageways, including a spider infested tunnel that you had to go through to escape. Apparently, more adults lost their cool and screamed in fright in the castle than kids...

Here are a few pics of the frights inside. To see more you have to come out to Tahsis on Halloween!

A bone dinosaur by sculptor Doug Edward comes alive and rips the arm off a hapless villager

After the Haunted Castle, the Village of Tahsis put on a spectacular fireworks display outside the Rec Centre

Fireworks display Halloween night in Tahsis

Wednesday, September 29, 2004

A fabulous day in Tahsis at the Cook Shack

View of the inlet from the Cook Shack deck

I was at the Cook Shack & took a picture from the deck... the wind was quite high today but with the sun sparkling on the water it was one of those fabulous fall days we have in Tahsis.

While I was taking the picture a couple having breakfast on the deck asked me if I did the newsletter on the web, meaning the tahsisbc.com blog.

Angela & Mick Scribens, having breakfast at the Cook Shack

We chatted a while and I asked if they wanted their pics on the blog, and they thought it would be a great idea to say hi to their friend Darren, who they said checks out the blog every other day and will probably be visiting Tahsis in October.

Angela and Mick and their daughter Samantha relocated to Tahsis on September 1st, and they are very much enjoying the Tahsis ambiance & Samantha is enjoying the local school. The Scribens are 'regulars' at Danny's (The Cook Shack) already, and were even out watching the Salmon egg collection at the Tahsis River last Sunday.

Mick says Hi to Darren in Calgary and adds:

"Hope you're enjoying the 9 to 5, Darren!"

Cook Shack interior

Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Scuba Divers count Salmon in the Tahsis River

Al Eden and Shawn Hayes return to the Public Works yard after counting salmon in the Tahsis River during our recent run of sunny weather. Al is from Qualicum Beach and Shawn is from Campbell River--both are in Tahsis doing contract work for DFO (Department of Fisheries and Oceans).

I was taking my tin cans to the recycling depot outside of the Village of Tahsis Public Works Yard when I ran into two scuba divers.

I asked them if they were counting salmon, and Al Eden replied in the affirmative. According to Al Eden, his gut feeling is that the Chinook count was up over last year. However, he qualified that by stating:

"We will have to wait till we report our figures to Head Office, where they will run an analysis on the numbers."

Al continued:

"It's too early to tell for Coho, since they are just starting to return. We have counted Sockeye as well, though probably there will only be 400 to 500 in total for Sockeye, they don't have big numbers here."

I asked how the egg gathering had gone on Sunday when the local Salmon Enhancement volunteers had come out to collect Chinook for the local hatchery. Al replied

"The collection went very well, and the eggs are already incubating at the hatchery (Conuma Hatchery)."

Currently, the Tahsis Salmon Enhancement Society is taking their fry to the Conuma Hatchery, since their local water supply needs upgrading before it will be reliable enough to keep the hatchery in town. Currently several local service organizations and businesses are raising funds for the local volunteer hatchery.

Anyone wishing to send a donation can do so through the Village office:

Tahsis Salmon Enhancement Society
C/O Village of Tahsis
Box 519
Tahsis BC V0P 1X0

note: speaking of Salmon, I was talking to Lucille Collins of Ceepeecee Cabins, and she had a probable explanation of why there were so many bears in the townsite this fall. She has been out on the hills in the inlet, and she said that the unusually hot weather this summer had dried up the berries on the higher elevations on the mountains, and the bears were coming down earlier and in greater numbers looking for food, berry bushes and fruit trees in town.

Pig Roast raises over $700 for grads

Cook Marco from the Maquinna Resort First Landing Cafe helps out roasting the pig for the Community Pig Roast last Saturday

The Community Pig Roast raised over $700 for the Captain Meares Elementary Secondary School Grad Class. The family event took place on Saturday September 25th from 6 to 8 pm, and was followed by a live band at the Captain Cook's Pub.

The pig is done, and one of the cook's starts carving it up for the hungry crowd

The turnout was excellent, though the crowd had to fill up on homemade bean salad, potato salad and hot dogs as the pig was a bit behind schedule. The cook had been working on the BBQ from 6:00 am in the morning, but it's pretty hard to time just how long it takes to roast a pig...

Everyone had a good time socializing while they waiting, and the sense was that now the tourism season was over, people could really kick back and relax and catch up on what was happening with their neighbors.

The crowd tucks in to an excellent spread

Thursday, September 23, 2004

Bears, bears, and more bears

Momma bear crossing the road outside my window

Well, lots more bear activity in Tahsis since I posted Christine Hendrix's photos of the mom with 3 cubs! A few days ago a big black bear came by early in the am and got into our next door neighbour's carport and took out his garbage can, took it to the empty lot across the street and rolled it around for a while trying to get in. Jim and the neighbour found this objectionable, and went out there to shoo the bear away... well, the bear didn't shoo and Jim and Wally finally went back inside.

My opinion... let the bear have the garbage can--but that's just me.

One of the cubs walking across my lawn

I was talking to Cathy at Westview Marina, and she reported a bear went down the ramp to the docks, and went up the side staircase to her upstairs suite on the main marina building. There was a gate at the top which the bear didn't crawl over, but the dogs were quite excited for a while by the visit.

Momma and one cub at the edge of our property crossing over into the neighbours yard

And, two days ago we had a visit at our house by a momma bear and 2 cubs... most likely the same ones photographed by Christine Hendrix. Here are a photo of the mom bear crossing the road outside our house, one of the cubs crossing our yard, and one of momma and one cub at the edge of our yard walking over to our neighbours yard. We could hear the progress of her and her cubs by listening to which dogs were barking in the neighborhood. I went out in the car to see if I could get a photograph of them on the river bank, but didn't see them again. Of course, a 1979 pinto with a broken muffler pipe is not the best thing to go bear scouting with.

I've put a call in to the Conservation office and the Nootka Sound RCMP with a request for a comment and more information on the unusual level of bear activity, and hopefully I'll have something from the to post later today or tomorrow.

Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Mother bear with 3 cubs raids Alpine View apple tree

One cub in an apple tree while mother looks on

The last few days bears have been wandering through Tahsis looking for berry bushes, fruit trees and attractive garbage and compost bins. Christine Hendrix has seen quite a few bears on her property at 523 Alpine View ( Gentle Valley Guest House & Chris's Art Gallery ), and she finally had a good photo opportunity when a mother bear with her 3 cubs started climbing the next door neighbors apple tree.

Two cubs in an apple tree...

"Steve (my husband) was working on our fence doing repairs when he spotted the bears and called me. I went to the window in my art studio and had a good view of the bears in the apple tree so I took a dozen pictures on my digital camera. Then, thinking I might want to use more pictures for a painting, I went into our guest suite at ground level to get another angle. I took another dozen pictures."

Three cubs in an apple tree!

"I wanted to go out to the back yard and get closer, but I thought that would be stupid. Especially since I had seen the mother bear chasing off a male bear in our back yard last night."

More cub antics... one cub takes a precarious position to get that last apple...

The pictures of the bears in our backyard next to the next big rocks were taken last night, of the same bears. I have a picture that didn't come out very clearly of the mother bear confronting and chasing off a male bear."

Male bear about to enter Gentle Valley Guest House's back yard on Sunday at twilight

Mother bear confronts male bear and successfully chases him away

A cub follows his mother closely

Sadly, we heard today from Ted Enfield that a male bear had killed and eaten one of the mother bear's 3 cubs today, at a close by spot across the Tahsis River. However, Steve Hendrix remarked that the mother bear was looking very scrubby and skinny, so it is probably for the best that she only have the 2 cubs to take care of over the winter.

There have been many more bears about town this year than last year. Last week Debra Connibear saw a bear break down a the fence and break a big branch on a neighbor's apple tree up on Discover Crescent. She described the bear as the biggest one she had seen, at least 3 to 4 feet at the shoulders when down on all fours. She has also noted that a lot of her favorite berry bushes have either been stripped by the bears, or are in the process of being stripped.

The Salmon have not yet started to go up the river in big enough numbers to provide the bears with food, but the bears have already come down from the hills in anticipation of the salmon run, so they are rummaging around the Tahsis berry patches and fruit trees in the meantime. Many locals have remarked there are many more bears about the town than last year.

Thursday, September 02, 2004

What to do about a Black Bear in your compost at 4:00 AM

1. Yell "Hey" and startle your cats, and get the black bear to look up momentarily from it's position on top of your compost box.

2. Realize that if the black bear thumping on your compost box didn't wake up your neighbours, yelling "Hey" probably did.

3. Get your camera and realize the bear is too far away (far end of the yard) to photograph with your flash, and that it is NOT WORTH IT to get within flash range.

4. Resign yourself to a few more claw marks on the lid of your compost box, and go back to bed.

Note: The next day we figured out he was a male bear, because he left the compost lid up.

Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Community BBQ raises $1045.35 for Tahsis Salmon Enhancement Society improvements

A hungry and enthusiastic crowd lines up for the Salmon BBQ

Corrine Dahling and Alison Arsenault of the Tahsis Trading Post organized a successful Community Salmon BBQ on Sunday August 29th that raised $1045.35 for the Tahsis Salmon Enhancement Society. The Tahsis Salmon Enhancement Society needs improvements to the water line for maintaining the salmon fry over the winter.

The BBQ was held at the Maquinna Mall, and the rain didn't dampen the spirits of the local crowd that came out. Randy Musfelt barbequed the Salmon for the event, and received multiple compliments and requests for his grandmother's secret salmon BBQ recipe.

Alison Arsenault takes a break from co-hosting

Russ Nickerson won the draw for the Gift Basket, Fishing Guide Gilles Darvault won the Head Bay Station basebal cap & movie rental coupon, and Roger won a trinket box painted by Alison Arsenault and several movie rental coupons.

Co-host Corrine Dahling entertains Madison

Special thank to Lindi Edwards and Matthew Lechot who looked after the kids attending the event and organized games.

Nicole Musfelt, cook and helper for the BBQ, ladles up some hot choclate while Joe Scott husks corn in the background

Anyone wishing to donate to the Tahsis Salmon Enhancement Society, can send a donation care of the Village of Tahsis,

Village of Tahsis
Tahsis Salmon Enhancement Society Fund
Box 519
Tahsis BC
V0P 1X0

Sunday, August 22, 2004

Zack Miller from Bellingham Washington wins Westview Marina Derby with 43-2/3 lb Chinook

Zack Miller (right) from Bellingham Washington shows off the 43-2/3 pound Chinook that won him the Westview Marina Derby and $1000 Canadian

Zack Miller from Bellingham Washington and Shawn Langley from Lynden Washington were fishing 10 miles out from Tatchu on the 'Quick Fish', a 27 foot Orca. Zack decided to pull in his lines, put the rod down and was leaning over the side with the lines in his hand when suddenly he saw the water boil 3 feet away as the monster King hit the hook! Zack grabbed the rod and played the Chinook for 15 minutes till his friend Shawn Langley of Lynden Washington netted the fish.

Zack was thrilled to win the derby, and at the awards party generously donated $200 towards the Tahsis Salmon Enhancement Society.

Friday, August 13, 2004

Musical Coffee House on Friday August 27th, 5:00 PM to 10:00 PM

Debra Conibear sings for Coffee House

Sacred Grounds Coffee House will be holding another musical Coffee House on Friday August 20th, the Friday of the Westview Marina Fishing Derby.

The Coffee House will be from 5:00 Pm to 10:00 PM and will feature Conibear, local musician Roy DuLong, and an Open Mic for local and visiting musicians.

Local Tahsis Musicians Roy DuLong and Debra Conibear

Map showing route from Westview Marina to Sacred Grounds Coffee House

Weekly flight now connects Tahsis with Seattle

Brad Pattison pilots the re-inaugural flight of Sound Flight to Tahsis from Seattle

Pilot Brad Pattison visits Tahsis, signalling the return of weekly direct air service between Seattle and Tahsis by Sound Flight of Renton Washington after a hiatus of 2 years. Previously to that, Sound Flight made hundreds of flights to Tahsis with a daily service.

Brad said:
"I'm glad I was picked for the 're-inaugural' flight, as this is my first time to Tahsis. The natural setting here is breathtaking.It's outdoors all around you. Really different from Seattle.. I love it up here... that's why we're here."

Brad went on to say:
"I am very impressed by the airplane dock here in Tahsis, obviously a lot of work has gone in to the dock to make it an important part of the Tahsis tranport system."

Brad went on to explain that Sound Flight is the only US airline to specialize in flights to the west coast of Vancouver Island, and his company gives their pilots specialized training and experienced instructors--such as Mark Schoening, who has flown the west coast of Vancouver Island for 15 to 20 years--to train on the weather and geography of West Vancouver Island's rugged coast.

"This is the way to stay in business--keep your customers happy and safe"

More information about Sound Flight can be found at their website:

After a short visit, pilot Brad Pattison heads off to the next stop

A great family day on the water!

Brett shows off a 22 lb Chinook

Brett Cornelius from Redwater Alberta shows off the 22 lb Chinook he caught all by himself (well, maybe a little help from Dad and guide Jim Pook).

Carmen, Brett and Paul Cornelius from Redwater Alberta

The Cornelius family from Redwater Alberta caught 6 Chinook 13 to 22 lb and 1-9 lb Coho on their fishing day with guide Jim Pook. Paul said they saw a grey whale, three friendly Sea Otters who came quite close to the boat, and several eagles. A great family outing!

Thursday, August 05, 2004

Build it and they will come: First Tall Ships in 100 years dock in Tahsis

Cathy Daynes of Westview Marina stands on her new Tall Ship dock, built this summer to accommodate the first Tall Ships to visit Tahsis in 100 years. In the background is the second Tall Ship to arrive, the HMCS Oriole from Victoria

Cathy Daynes and staff built the new Tall Ship Dock just in time for the SSV Robert C. Seamans' visit from July 25th to July 28th. Now the HMCS Oriole from Victoria is docked at the marina until 0600 hours on Thursday August 6th, when they are off to Tofina, Port Alberni, then back to Victoria their home base.

The HMCS Oriole at the Tall Ship dock at Westview Marina, Tahsis

Cathy talked to Captain Steve Tarrant of the SSV Robert C. Seamans on the morning of the 28th before they left.

"He said regardless of if he would be on board the next time the ship came up the coast, he would highly recommend that they make the the trip to Tahsis. They had a great time!"

At 1800 hours the HMCS Oriole received a visit from a delegation of 2 from the Tahsis Art Society... Director Alice Thompson and musician Willdeve. Following the tradition established by Chief Maquinna in 1778 who greeted the first Tall Ship to visit the West Coast of North America with hospitality and song,Willdeve greeted Captain Lieutenant Commander Gary Davis and crew with her original songs "The Swans of Tahsis".

Willdeve performs her original song, "The Swans of Tahsis" for (right to left) Josiane DesAutels of Saint-Hyathince Quebec, Captain Gary Davis of Victoria, Eric Flanagan of Winnipeg, Alan Douchette from Newfoundland and Carlos Flores from Victoria

Willdeve went on to play her ballad on the meeting of the Mowachat band and the crew of the Resolution in 1778, and favorites such as "Bobby McGee" and "House of the Rising Sun". The Captain brought out his banjo, and joined Willdeve in an enthusiastic playing of 'I want to go Home'.. something of a theme song for their ship, which is used to train new recruits, officers and non-commisioned officers for the Canadian Navy. More crew members joined in with improvised instruments from the ship's mess, and small instruments supplied by Willdeve.

Captain Gary Davis of Victoria plays his banjo in an impromptu jam session

Jamming on the HMCS Oriole... Willdeve on Guitar, Alan Douchette (partly hidden) on mess hall spoons, Carlos Flores and Eric Flanagan on shakers and Captain Gary Davis on banjo

Willdeve performs her Ballad of the meeting of Captain Cook and the Chief Maquinna in 1778

The HMCS Oriole is the oldest commisioned ship in the Navy at 83 years, commissioned in 1952. There is actually a book about the HMCS Oriole called "The People's Boat HMCS Oriole: Ship of a Thousand Dreams" by author Shirley Hewett. See the website on the book for more information about this ship's fascinating history before and after it was commandeered for service in the Canadian Navy during WWII.


More Information about the Oriole can also be found on the official Navy website: http://www.navy.gc.ca/oriole/

This voyage of the HMCS Oriole is an outreach voyage to recruit young people to the Canadian Navy, and to visit all the small communities up and down the coast of BC, Vancouver Island and Haida Gwaii.

Captain Lieutenant Commander Gary Davis said they have had many memorable adventures on this voyage, and some of the most memorable was a 4 to 5 day visit to Haida community on Haida Gwaii, and a feast put on for them at Prince Rupert by the family of a crew member.. though the captain remarked that "Smoked Sea Lion is an acquired taste".

Monday, August 02, 2004

4:45 AM Deer Rescue

I was making eggs for Jim at 4:30 AM or so in the morning, while he went to the front door to see if our cat Spike wanted to come in. He then called for me to get my camera, as a deer was caught in the basketball court across the street.

I got my digital camera and went across the street, and sure enough a panicked deer was jumping repeatedly at the wire fence trying to get out of the public basketball court.

Panicked deer in basketball court

It was jumping at the fence at the opposite end from the open door. So I stayed halfway up the court near the fence while Jim went to the far end of the court so the deer would run towards the open door. I took several pictures, but with the limitations of a digital camera, only one had a legible image of the deer.

With Jim at the far end of the court, the deer circled around to put the maximum distance from Jim and myself, and circled around to the open door and went through it and bounded off to the woods.

Jim came back in, ate his eggs and headed off to his charter down at Westview Marina, with an interesting story to tell his charter customer!

Sunday, August 01, 2004

Jim Pook and friends with Chinook 23 to 28 lbs

Jim Pook (left to right), Rob O'sullivan (Vancouver) and Rinje VanderHeide(Langley) hold up Chinook ranging from 23 to 28 lbs.

Jim, a local guide, took a personal fishing day on Saturday July 31st with 2 friends and came back after a half day with their limit in Chinook. See more fish photos at Jim's webstite:

Tahsis Radar Trap

If it's red, octagonal and has big white letters saying 'STOP'... well, that means STOP!

Yes folks, Tahsis does have traffic laws, that apply even if you are towing a boat!

Yesterday evening Sargent Andre Bagi and Auxillary Mike Mountain staked out the 'Tahsis Radar Trap'.. the small side street entrance to the old Doman's Mill property.. and waited for the predictable number of Tahsis locals and visitors to breeze right by the stop sign, or to perform the infamous Tahsis "rolling stop". Yours truly almost got caught, but I always virtuously follow the traffic laws, especially when I spot a black and white car through the trees just ahead.

Sargent Andre Bagi (right) and Auxillary Mike Mountain say hi

I caught up with Andre and Mike just after they gave out their last ticket of the evening. Andre is from Gold River, and he reminds everyone local or tourist:

"Traffic laws will be strictly enforced, and most of all to remember to be safe"

I forgot to ask him if they have caught and warned the boaters recently who speeded past Westview Marina the other day, and gave everyone on the deck and barge a little bouncing. I would hate to be a cook in the kitchen at the Cantina Marina when the waves hit! Talk about Mexican Jumping Beans....

Westview Marina has their own blog now, with marina events and 'Catch of the Day' fish photos. Check it out at their website, it's the FISH PHOTOS & LINKS page: www.westviewmarina.com

Musical Mariners entertain Westview deck crowd

Teniya Morelli (left) and Steve Starkey entertain crowd on Westview Marina dock

Shirley & Bruce Morelli have been coming up from Spokane Washington to fish for years, so when Shirley mentioned to Cathy Daynes that her son Teniya and friend steve Starkey were with them with their sound equipment, it was only natural that Cathy put them to work entertaining her customers.

The Musical Mariner's performing alternative country at the Westview Marina in Tahsis

Steve and Teniya are the "Musical Mariners" performing alternative country music, and they were very much enjoyed by the crowd out on the deck. Steve and Teniya played from 6 to 9 both Friday and Saturday, and were so well received, that Marina staff had to pull most the tables & chairs out of the Marina Cantina restaurant out to the deck, so dining patrons could listen to them!

Thursday, July 29, 2004

First Tall Ship in 100 years docks in Tahsis

(Please note: if you want a 4x6 photo of any image in this post, just click on the picture and you will be linked to a larger file. When it shows up on your screen, right click the image and save it to your harddrive)

The Tahsis Art Society put on an "Edge of the West" CoffeeHouse in celebration of the first Tall Ship to visit Tahsis since the turn of the 19th Century. The Tall Ship orginated from the Sea Education Association in Massachusetts. The voyage is part of a training progam for Oceanography students. The Tall Ship SSV Robert C. Seamans docked at Westview Marina on Sunday July 25th in the evening, and students and crew started leave on Monday.

According to Cathy Daynes, the owner of Westview Marina, there was no suitable dock for a Tall Ship in Tahsis when she was first put in touch with Captain Tarrant by e-mail.

"The Government dock was too high, the lower section was too short, the Cruise Ship dock on Doman's property was too high."

Finally, since this was the 2nd inquiry from a Tall Ship recieved this summer, Cathy moved up plans to built additional moorage space, and added additional docks in a section of the Marina which had the proper depth to accommodate a Tall Ship.

Captain Steve Tarrant and students on the deck of the SSV Robert C. Seamans

Tahsis Art Society representative Alice Thompson met Captain Steve Tarrant the day before the CoffeeHouse to interview him for her Tahsis BC Blog. Captain Tarrant commented about their visit to Tahsis:

"A beautiful tour, people (in Tahsis) have been incredibly friendly and hospitable. Sharon (Armella from Village of Tahsis) and Cathy (Cathy Daynes of Westview Marina) helped enormously to find a place where we could tie up. Finally they (Westview Marina) built their new dock ahead of schedule for us."

"It's a great opportunity to have a wilderness experience and relax, meet local folk, walk around the town. The students need some downtime... It's a great program but very intensive, and (they) need a break."

Steve Tarrant went on to say they had also been to Skung Gwaii this trip, and visited a Haida Heritage site. He went on to comment about the Nootka Sound and Tahsis Inlet waters:

"Such a beautiful area, just great for oceanography, geological and geological and geo chemical research. We have done current, density and oxygen measurement, and we have a Chirp to give a profile of the ocean bottom. The rest of the time the students are swabbing the decks and doing all the maintenance that comes with a traditional sailing ship. Over the course of the voyage, the students take over all the ship functions and scientific research."

The Captain Crew and students gave an open house and tour of their ship Tuesday evening to the public from 5 to 7, then came up to the coffeehouse given in honor of their visit. Captain Tarrant entertained the crowd of Tahsis locals, fellow crew and visitors to a collection of traditional Sea Shanties. His crew of students performed the returns to the Shanties, and student member Meagan Kallman of New Hampshire also performed several Sea Shanties.

Captain Steven Tarrant performing Traditional Sea Shanties

Students from the ship, Tahsis locals and visitors listen to the performance

This was the 2nd CoffeeHouse put on by the Tahsis Art Society since the Sacred Ground Coffee House was finished and the Tahsis Art Trail CoffeeHouse on the July long weekend was held.

Student Meagan Kallman of New Hampshire (on the stool beside Captain Tarrant) sings several more Sea Shanties

Local musicians Conibear, Roy and Juanita DuLong and Willdeve finished several original songs in time for the CoffeeHouse, and the audience of 50 people was treated to Willdeve's first public performance of her Tahsis BBQ song and her ballad on the meeting of Captain Cook and the Mowachaht/Muchalaht tribe at Friendly Cove in 1778. Willdeve also performed her song on "The Swans of Tahsis", and several folk favorites.

Willdeve performing the "Tahsis BBQ Song"

Conibear performed the first public showing of her song "Tropical Breeze" and many folk favorites.

Roy and Juanita Dulong performed the first public performance of their song "Come home with me and live by the sea", a song inspired by their personal story of how they came to move to Tahsis, Juanita's childhood home, from Nova Scotia.

Juanita DuLong, Roy Dulong and Debra Conibear

Roy went on to perform several instrumentals and traditional country songs, including "Paper Roses" where the audience joined in for the Chorus.

Ray Richards performs several lively prarie songs, and some Shanties from Nova Scotia

Ray Richards of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan is visiting his brother who had moved out to Tahsis. Ray performed a rousing rendition of several songs from the Prairies, the most notable and humorous one about a destitute Saskatchewan Farmer who decides to become a pirate on the rivers of the prairies.

When Ray asked if anyone locally knew the meaning of the name Saskatchewan, local Alex Wright called out: "It is a First Nations name for "Place where no man can jump to his death", which received a roar of laughter from the Crowd.

a student from the ship performs several pieces by Pearl Jam

Other notable performances from visitors to Tahsis were several songs by Pearl Jam performed by another student from the ship, and several Italian songs performed on the mandolin by a boater who has been in Tahsis since mid June as his boat developed problems and his motor is currently being repaired in Campbell River.

A stranded boater performs on the Mandolin

At the end of the evening Captain Tarrant said the ship was leaving for San Francisco at 700 Hours the next morning, and that while this was their first voyage up the coast to Tahsis, when the ship did it's next training voyage up the coast two years from now, he expected to be coming back up to tahsis.

Alice Thompson, who co-hosted the evening with Debra Conibear and Willdeve, said many locals had mentioned to her how nice it was to see the young people from the ship wandering around the town the last few days, and to see the masts of the Tall Ship at the Marina, and the Ship and students would be missed after they left for the next stage of their voyage.

Monday, July 26, 2004

Tall Ship SSV Robert C. Seamans in Tahsis!

Tall Ship SSV Robert C. Seamans is currently docked at Westview Marina!

The ship's mission is to provide students with the opportunity to live, work and study at sea. Half the students and crew have leave to walk around Tahsis, and half will have their land break tomorrow.

The Tahsis Art Society is giving an "Edge of the West" CoffeeHouse for them on Tuesday July 28th at the Sacred Grounds Coffee House from 5 to 9 PM. Read previous posts for more information and background.

More information about the ship and the Sea Education Association can be found on their website at: www.sea.edu .

So far 2 relatives of students on the ship have e-mailed requests to pass on messages. I will print out any e-mails for students or crew on the ship and take to the CoffeeHouse on Tuesday, and either give to them or pass on to the Captain to give to them back at the ship. If anyone else just wants to send them well wishes for their voyage, please feel free to e-mail as well!

Contact e-mail to send those messages is tallship@tahsisbc.com

I have also heard that during their Open House tomorrow (they are open for tours of the ship from 5 to 7 on Tuesday July 28th) that several representatives from the Village Municipal Office will come down to the ship to greet them and give out 'Village of Tahsis' pins to the students and crew.

Sunday, July 25, 2004

"Edge of the West" CoffeeHouse Tues July 27th

Tues July 27th 5:00 to 9:00 PM
Live Music at Sacred Grounds Coffee House LOCAL ARTWORK ON DIPLAY

This event is in honor of the Visit of the Tall Ship from the Sea Education Association in Massachusetts. The Tall ship will be docked at Westview Marina and will be holding their TALL SHIP TOUR Tues July 27th 5:00 to 7:00 PM

Visit the ship for a tour then come to the CoffeeHouse for song and celebration!

Tues July 27th 5:00 to 9:00 PM
Local Musicans:
Debra Conibear: Folk singer
Roy DuLong: Instrumental and Country
Willdeve: Prog. Folk Rock Fusion

Visiting Musicians:
Lynne Pedersen - A’Capella Folk Songs
Lynn Radford & friends - Folk Fusion
Captain Steve Tarrant of the Tall Ship: Traditional Sea Shanties